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2 Weeks Until The Grindhouse!

April Fool's Day & Killer Party

We’re getting close to the very first evening of The Grindhouse at The Media Club on Monday April 30th! Since it’s Spring and we’re all gearing up for cabin country season, we thought we’d feature two 1986 “party” slasher films to get you in the mood. Remember that the more you drink, the more sense these classics make. Drink specials from the fine staff at The Media Club will help that out! The first film of the evening is the long-lost Warner supernatural gem Killer Party.

It’s April Fool’s Day and the sisters of Sigma Alpha Pi have found the perfect place to throw a party: the abandoned fraternity house where a guillotined pledge lost his head in a hazing gone slightly awry. But shortly after the revelry begins, the student body count starts to rise as the vengeful pledge returns from the grave and makes it a party to die for. Featuring appearances by Eating Raoul’s Paul Bartel, debuting Joanna Johnson (who a year later would graduate to her longtime best-known role on The Bold and the Beautiful) and teen heartthrob Martin Hewitt (Endless Love) plus a bangin’ performance of “April (You’re No Fool)” by ’80s hair metal band White Sister, Killer Party is the stuff of legends, a one-of-a-kind slasher-horror-musical-sex comedy of terrors!


The second film was recently remade into an awful teen slasher, but the original is evidence of how it was really done! April Fool’s Day is a camp classic, a slasher that has more laughs than scares and laid the groundwork for comedy-horrors like Behind The Mask, American Psycho and of course Scream.

After a college student invites her friends for a weekend at her parents’ secluded island mansion, they’re all ready to party – but the joke is on them. One by one, people start vanishing. Someone’s either playing a vicious April Fool’s prank – or else there’s a real killer on the loose!

Remember to mark Monday, April 30th at 8pm on your calendars for the very first Grindhouse at The Media Club.


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Join us the first Monday of every month at 9pm at Reo's Movie Emporium for 2 GRINDHOUSE and cult classics! See your favourite cult films! Hear DJs playing the best classic tunes! Drink the monthly bloodthirsty specials! Every first Monday at the Reo's Movie Emporium, 601 Front Street, Nelson.

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